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Dear fellow citizens,

It has been an honor and pleasure to serve you as
Commissioner since November of 2010. My commitment to
you was that I would work hard to restore local government
to one that works for the people. Over the years, together
with your input and support, we have successfully
challenged the practice of business as usual in City
government and made many improvements.

I look forward to continuing my unwavering service as
the reliable voice in looking out for the public, always
researching issues and asking questions, keeping you
informed, boldly challenging the status quo, and
speaking up to protect taxpayers from untimely,
unwarranted or excessive costs. My emphasis on
efficiencies, reducing spending, keeping taxes low and
improving governing policies and practices has enabled
the city to weather the impacts of the recession.

Today, North Port is better positioned to succeed in this new economy. I remain passionate
in my advocacy for manageable growth, affordable living and pursuing opportunities that
bring jobs and improve the quality of life in our community, including:

* Developing a vocational training center (like SCTI)
* Enhancing the city's activity centers and creating a downtown center
* Ensuring fair and equal opportunity for all businesses
* Improving our canals for recreational uses
* Highlighting our many natural assets to attract tourism

Together, we can continue the positive momentum and I stand resolute in my dedication
to ensuring that City government operates with the highest level of integrity, clarity and
impartiality. I am asking for your vote in the August 26 Primary Election and would be
grateful for your support and participation in my re-election campaign. I am always
accessible so please don’t hesitate to give me a call if you have questions. 
Linda Yates


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